Neostigmine Injection Bp 0.5mg / Ml

Product Description

Country of Origin Made in India
Composition Each mL contains 0.5mg of Neostigmine
Treatment symptomatic treatment in Mysthania Gravis, nullify effects of certain anaesthesia post operation
Prescription/Non prescription Prescription
Packaging Size 10 X 1 ml Ampoules
Manufacturer Centurion Healthcare Private Limited
Form Injection
Shelf Life 24 months
Also Gives Third Party Manufacturing


It is used to improve muscle tone in people with mysthania gravis, and also to reverse the effects of certain Anaesthetc agents at tnd of operations. It can also be used in conservative management of acute colonic pseudo-obstruction, in which patients get massive colonic dilatation. Neostigmine  is used intravenously to delay the effects of envonomation through snakebite.