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Nov 21, 2022

Things you should know about Chloramphenicol Capsules

When conventional antibiotics have failed to treat a severe bacterial illness, doctors often turn to chloramphenicol as a last resort. The treatment is effective because it prevents further bacterial development while also curing the ailment. When it comes to viral diseases, it's useless.

Negative effects of chloramphenicol include sickness, vomiting, headache, weakness, stomach pain, injection site pain, and others. These tend to be short-lived and go away on their own. If these symptoms persist for a long period or worsen, you should talk to your doctor.

When taking chloramphenicol orally, do so 30 minutes before eating. Your physician will establish the appropriate dosage based on your specific situation. Once treatment has begun, it should always be completed in full. Maintain a consistent blood level by taking this medication daily at the same time. In a clinical setting, trained medical personnel will inject you with chloramphenicol. Following your doctor's orders, you should put chloramphenicol eye drops or ointment into your eyes.

Anyone who is allergic to chloramphenicol, must not consume it. If you have issues with your stomach, intestines, liver, or kidneys, you should let your doctor know. You should tell your doctor about any medications you're taking because some of them may have negative interactions with each other. Centurion Healthcare is one of the most prominent as well as distinct Chloramphenicol capsules suppliers in India.

Side effects:

  • Decreased RBCs
  • Dark coloured urine
  • Sore throat and fever
  • Unusual bleeding
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Burning, numbness, and tingling sensation in the hands and legs
  • Swelling on the face, tongue, eyelids, lips, legs and hands
  • Feeling irritation in the eyes

It is prescribed for:

·Serious bacterial infections:

Bacteremia, cholera, plague, meningitis, as well as other life-threatening diseases caused by bacteria, are treated with chloramphenicol.

·Bacterial eye infections:

Chloramphenicol is prescribed for conjunctivitis and other eye-bacterial infections.

·Bacterial Vaginosis:

Infection of the vaginal lining by bacteria is known as bacterial vaginosis.  Vaginal discharge, pain over the vaginal opening, itching, etc. are symptoms of vaginal infections, for which chloramphenicol is used as a second-line treatment.

·Bacterial Ear Infections:

When bacteria are causing an infection in the external ear canal, chloramphenicol is the drug of choice for treatment. If you are looking for an excellent Chloramphenicol supplier in Gujarat, Centurion Healthcare is the best pick for you.

Usage Instructions - When and When not to:


People who are allergic to chloramphenicol, must not consume it. In the event that you have any of the following symptoms: itching, swelling, skin rash, difficulty breathing, severe dizziness, etc., you should seek medical assistance right once.

·Minor infections:

Because of the risk of severe side effects, chloramphenicol should not be used for the prevention or treatment of bacterial infections if that minor infection can be treated completely with other alternate antibiotics.


Overproduction of the chemical porphyrins causes skin and nervous system disorders known as porphyria. If you suffer from porphyria, you shouldn't take chloramphenicol because it can make your symptoms even worse.

Dose Instructions:

·Missed Dose:

Oral, ear or eye drops - If you're taking Chloramphenicol by mouth, eye, or ear drops, it's important not to miss any doses. If you forget to take your medication, take it at the very moment you remember it. The missed dose should not be doubled to make up for it.

Injection - As an injection, Chloramphenicol rarely causes a missed dosage because it is given by a trained medical expert at a hospital or clinic.


Oral Forms - Do not take more of the oral form than your doctor has instructed you to. If you think someone has taken too much chloramphenicol, they should see a doctor immediately.

Ear or eye drops - Since Chloramphenicol ear or eye drops are applied topically, rather than ingested, the risk of adverse consequences from an overdose is minimal. Don't provide more than what's recommended, though.

Injection - Overdosing on Chloramphenicol is quite unlikely when the drug is injected by a trained medical expert in a hospital or clinical setting. In the case of an overdose, your doctor will immediately begin emergency care.

Warnings for particular populations:


Because of the potential risk to the unborn child, chloramphenicol is not indicated for usage during pregnancy. Therefore, if you are expecting a child, it is imperative that you see a doctor.


Taking chloramphenicol while nursing puts your baby at risk. If you are breastfeeding, you should talk to your doctor.

General warnings:


Chloramphenicol can reduce the efficacy of vaccinations used to protect against germs. Therefore, if you plan on getting vaccinated, you should let your doctor know that you are currently taking this medication.

·Antibiotic resistance:

Bacteria can become antibiotic-resistant when they learn to resist the drugs that were designed to kill them. You should always complete your prescribed course of this medicine though you have started feeling better.

·Decreased blood cell count:

Reducing the number of healthy red blood cells in the body, chloramphenicol can lead to anaemia, bleeding, infections, and other serious health problems. Immediately notify your doctor if you experience any symptoms at all suggesting a low blood cell count, such as rapid heart rate, headache, pale complexion, fatigue, short breath, dizziness, etc. If you are looking for the most reputed and noteworthy Chloramphenicol supplier in Vadodara which can fulfil your Chloramphenicol needs, Centurion Healthcare is the right place for you.


When using chloramphenicol, it's important to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels if you're diabetic.