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Feb 18, 2022

How does Iron deficiency affect us?

Iron deficiency anemia means your body lacks the iron content. If you don't get enough iron, your body won't be able to generate enough of a component in red blood cells that permits them to carry oxygen (hemoglobin). As a result of iron deficiency anemia, you may feel tired and short of breath.

Vitamin B3 deficiency, Leg discomfort due to clogged arteries, Diarrhea, Iron deficiency anemia, High blood pressure, Chest pain, Arthritis, Heart attack, High cholesterol, Alzheimer's disease, and other illnesses are treated with Blood Tonic Syrup.

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Treatment for iron deficiency anemia usually involves iron supplementation. In some circumstances, especially if your doctor suspects internal bleeding, additional tests or therapies for iron deficiency anaemia may be required.

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Anemia can be so slight that it can go unreported at first. The signs and symptoms of anemia and iron deficiency get more severe as the body's iron deficit worsens with each passing day.

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Pale skin
  • Chest pain or shortness of breath
  • Headache, dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Inflammation or soreness of your tongue
  • Brittle nails


When your body doesn't have enough iron to make haemoglobin, you get iron deficiency anemia. Hemoglobin is a component of red blood cells that gives blood its red colour and allows them to transport oxygenated blood throughout the body.

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If you don't eat enough iron or lose too much iron, your body won't be able to generate enough haemoglobin, and iron deficiency anemia will develop.

Blood loss:

The red blood cells are rich in the iron content in the blood. Iron deficiency anemia is caused by slow yet persistent blood loss in the body, such as from a peptic ulcer, colorectal cancer or a colon polyp, and a hiatal hernia. Regular use of various over-the-counter pain medicines, particularly aspirin, can cause gastrointestinal bleeding.

A lack of Iron in Diet:

Over the course of time, your body will become iron deficient if your iron consumption in the diet is too little. Meat, eggs, leafy green vegetables, and iron-fortified foods are examples of iron-rich foods. Children as well as infants, just as the adults, require iron in their diets to grow and show development in the body.

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Iron deficiency anemia develops in many pregnant women without iron supplementation because their iron stores must serve their own enlarged blood volume as well as provide haemoglobin for the growing foetus.